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 Martyn Hobbs and Julia Starr Keddle. 

Technical data /Description
Commerce is one of the titles in the Oxford English for Careers series which prepares pre-work students for starting their career in different disciplines.

Additional Information

  • Commerce provides students with English for a wide range of business situations and develops their telephone and communication skills.
  • Commerce 1:
    • The '9 to 5' section presents and practises functional and situational language in simple business contexts.
    • The 'Business Know-How' section uses engaging activities to develop key interpersonal skills for business, such as teamwork, self-motivation, leadership, and organisation.
  • Commerce 2:
    • The 'Meeting Room' section presents functional language that students need to interact effectively in formal business scenarios, such as meetings. Listening tasks help students to analyse the interaction, and role-plays allow them to practise the language in meaningful contexts.
    • The 'Small Talk' section addresses informal social and conversational 'micro-functions' between colleagues. These are essential for effective communication in a professional environment, and include socializing at work, and making requests and suggestions.
Components imagenFor the student
  • Student's Book 1
  • Student's Book 2

imagenFor the teacher
  • Teacher’s Resource Book 1
  • Audio CD 1
  • Teacher’s Resource Book 2
  • Audio CD 2

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